We know how long it will take a hacker to decode your password

Spoiler: between less than a second and 26 trillion years.

You’ve probably already come across this little chart that highlights the vulnerability or effectiveness of a password based on its complexity. The 2023 version of the chart is available, and in the era of facial recognition and other measures to try to secure your private spaces on the Internet, a good old complex password remains a reliable option. The one with a few digits from your great-aunt , on the other hand…not so much.

Hive Systems, a security company, has unveiled a small chart with the number of characters in a password on the y-axis and the ‘combos’ of characters on the x-axis, ranging from simple numbers to combinations that include numbers, uppercase and lowercase letters, and symbols.

Passwords with 6 or fewer characters are simply non-existent for hackers,” as the security company adds to the famous chart. The best compromise if you have a normal memory and don’t plan on living forever is to aim for 12 characters that mix numbers, uppercase and lowercase letters, and symbols, which should secure your accounts for… 226 years.

Or a better option use a password management tool like Keeper or KeePass ,using a password management tool offers numerous benefits for individuals and organizations alike.

Firstly, it enhances security by generating complex and unique passwords for each account. Additionally, these tools encrypt and store passwords securely, protecting them from data breaches. . Moreover, password managers can automatically fill in login information, saving time and reducing the chances of entering incorrect credentials. Overall, adopting a password management tool is a wise choice for bolstering online security and simplifying password management.

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