All new and shiny: Polaroid unveils a very stylish new high-end camera.

Well, it has also been affected by inflation…

Polaroid means business with its brand-new instant camera: the I-2. This fresh addition offers more advanced settings than its predecessors, even though it shares the same iconic shape, technology, and name. Conceived over four years in the laboratories of the renowned instant camera manufacturer, this model has swapped its lens for a triple lens with continuous autofocus and LiDAR (f/1.8), significantly improving image quality compared to its predecessors. This should enable us to take photos from a bit further away than with its older siblings.

polaroid I2
Polaroid I2

Blending analog and technology, this Polaroid encourages more precise adjustments. It’s no longer just a matter of pressing the button directly; you can now select brightness, exposure, and aperture right on the camera body before taking your shot. You can also use a timer, activate or deactivate the flash, and apply filters. The viewfinder screen is larger, displaying information clearly. The lens can also be adjusted. Two other noteworthy features include an integrated tripod mount and the ability to attach an external flash using a new USB-C port.

polaroid photo
© Polaroid

The app and Bluetooth connectivity are still there to enable remote use and adjustment of settings before printing. The only downside, of course, is its price: you’ll need to shell out 699 Euros or $599 to acquire it

polaroid I2
Polaroid I2

About Polaroid :

Polaroid is an iconic American company with a storied history in instant photography. Founded by Edwin H. Land in 1937, it gained worldwide recognition for inventing the instant camera and film, revolutionizing photography by enabling people to capture and develop photos within minutes. Known for its unique square-shaped prints, Polaroid instant cameras became cultural icons, symbolizing the magic of instant memories. Over the years, the company evolved, introducing digital instant cameras and mobile printers to blend the charm of instant prints with modern technology. Today, Polaroid remains a beloved brand associated with nostalgia, creativity, and the joy of instant photography, inspiring both photographers and enthusiasts worldwide.

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