Chicken Run’s Hens Prepare Their New Escape in the Trailer for the Cult Film Sequel

The most famous English poultry will continue their adventures on Netflix

The brave claymation hens from the English studios Aardman are preparing for their new heist, scheduled for December 15th on Netflix.

In Chicken Run: Dawn of the Nugget, the sequel to the cult film released twenty-three years ago, a kind of James Bond with a feathered twist, we’ll find Ginger and Rocky living on a paradise island with their fearless daughter Molly, drawn to the outside world that poses a threat to delicious chickens. When Molly finds herself trapped in an industrial farm resembling a fortress, her parents and their friends will do everything in their power to break in.

The streaming giant has just released the trailer for the film that will warm the hearts of fans of the quirky claymation movie.

Chicken Run was a massive box office hit, grossing $225 million, and remains the most successful stop-motion film of all time. The producers didn’t rush to capitalize on the success of the first installment to offer a sequel to the adventures of their egg-laying hens and resisted the temptation of prequels, sequels, and other adaptations that are quite popular in the animation industry.

But the golden goose caught the attention of the streaming giant Netflix, which acquired the rights to the film, with direction entrusted once again to the British studios Aardman, known for their stop-motion expertise.

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