Why the New iPad Update Is (Truly) a Revolution for Gamers

No more sharing the family TV.

If the launch last week of the iPadOS 17 update on Apple tablets may seem trivial, it is actually a game changer, or rather a ‘videogame changer.’ Indeed, with this update, all iPads equipped with a USB-C charging port will be able to become monitors, screen devices for your favorite consoles.

This means you won’t need to rely on a bulky TV to display your Xbox, won’t have to settle for the small screen of the Switch in portable mode, and it also means you probably don’t need the somewhat redundant ‘PlayStation Portal‘ accessory.

Now, you only need two things: the free downloadable Orion app and a small HDMI-to-USB-C capture card that can be found online.

Indeed, iPadOS 17 introduced support for USB Video Class (UVC), enabling this new capability. Furthermore, it also allows you to connect webcams to it.

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