We Absolutely Need This Pikachu Card from the Van Gogh Museum

The Amsterdam museum has partnered with the Pokémon Company to offer an experience blending Pikachu and Impressionism.

Pokémon are set to make an appearance at the renowned Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam. The iconic creatures from Nintendo will thus invade the works of the Dutch painter as part of a partnership with the Pokémon Company. In addition to celebrating its 50 years of existence, the museum also sees this as an opportunity to rejuvenate its image among younger (and older) generations.

Until January 7, 2024, both in-person and online, numerous entertaining and educational activities and presentations will highlight Van Gogh’s work. It’s also a way to showcase the close relationship between Japan and the painter, as he was an avid admirer of Japanese culture and its art, which greatly inspired his own work.

© The Pokémon Company

The main part of the collaboration can be experienced in person in Amsterdam. In the museum, you can find six canvases, provided by the Pokémon Company, which mimic Van Gogh’s greatest works while incorporating famous Pokémon. For example, ‘Sunflowers’ welcomes the arrival of the Pokémon Helioptile in the midst of the flowers. Pikachu, on the other hand, replaces the renowned ‘Self-Portrait with a Felt Hat’ by the painter.

© The Pokémon Company

Moreover, this canvas is not just a simple parody; it has also been transformed into an exclusive Pokémon card: ‘Pikachu with Grey Felt Hat,’ an official card that is even playable and can only be obtained by completing a small treasure hunt at the museum.

© The Pokémon Company

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