He avoids 8 blue shells, finishes 1st, and gives us the greatest Mario Kart moment of all time

There is life after blue shells, and this player proves it.

Attention, you’re not ready for this epic gaming moment. On Tuesday, July 18th 2023, during his live stream, the streamer BearUNLV achieved an incredible feat while playing Mario Kart 8. While he was leading the race on the third lap of Sweet Sweet Canyon, BearUNLV was continuously targeted by the worst item a race leader can receive: the blue shell.

But thanks to his extraordinary skills, precise timing, and a bit of luck, he achieved the unimaginable by winning the race. We’ll let you watch it for yourself.

BearUNLV is known for streaming Mario Kart and is a seasoned player who knows every shortcut and turn of each track. However, finishing first in a race where he gets hit by eight blue shells, all while being pursued by rivals as skilled as him, is incredibly impressive. So, this video clip accompanied by a piano remix of “Gangsta Paradise” can easily be considered a work of art.

For beginner players who are discovering blue shell dodging with a mushroom, here’s the tip: use the mushroom just as the blue shell stops above your character’s head and starts to rotate, right before it descends onto your character. With a bit of practice, you should be able to do it easily and become the champion among your group of friends.

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