Finally, You Can Repair the Controller You Broke in Frustration

Now You Can Be an Xbox Controller Handyman Thanks to Microsoft.

All it takes is one lost match in the final seconds, coming in second in a race, and there you have it, in the blink of an eye, it’s stronger than us: the controller goes flying to the other side of the room. Too late, the damage is done: the joystick, the buttons, or the triggers are affected, maybe even all three at once. And, lacking these specific components on hand, we find ourselves having to buy a new controller.

Whether it’s due to frustration or wear and tear, our console controllers are not immortal. They get damaged, they wear out, and replacing them can sometimes be quite expensive. Good news for Xbox owners: Microsoft now offers the option to purchase components to replace your damaged controller yourself, as reported by Kotaku.

On the US version of Microsoft’s website, you can purchase items such as an assembled printed circuit board, replacement buttons, joysticks, or shells for standard wireless or Elite Series 2 controllers.

A great solution to all the worst issues affecting our beloved controllers, such as joystick drift. What’s even better is that Microsoft also provides a handy tutorial to lend a hand and repair them yourself like a pro. Here’s a visual demonstration with this tutorial for the Xbox Elite Series 2 wireless controller:

For the Xbox Elite Series 2 wireless controller, the most expensive component on the website costs $34.99. In comparison, buying a brand new one costs around $107.99. That’s a significant savings.

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