Bad News For Netflix Subscribers The Subscription Prices Are Set To Increase Once Again

As the strike that rocked Hollywood is about to come to an end, Netflix is reportedly considering raising the price of certain subscriptions

Netflix Subscription Prices Going Up? The platform is waiting for the strike to end before announcing the price hike. The strike by actors and screenwriters didn’t go unnoticed this summer.

After lengthy negotiations, a preliminary agreement was reached thanks to actors’ and film and audiovisual professionals’ unions, and the strike is expected to end in a few days. This is good news for streaming platforms, but the filming and production of many projects have been significantly delayed.

Since this announcement by The Wall Street Journal, internet users have been expressing their discontent. The prices of Netflix subscriptions have seen several increases since the platform’s launch, leading many users to take advantage of account sharing to reduce their costs.

A cold shower in June last year, as Netflix priced the famous account sharing at $7.99 for each member outside the household. The news was hard to swallow, but this policy has proven to be quite profitable for Netflix.

Netflix Subscriptions Over $20 ?

The platform is one of the most expensive in the streaming landscape, but it’s true that Netflix still offers a very affordable ad-supported subscription. This one costs $6.99 and includes four to five minutes of ads per hour of viewing. Currently, the Standard plan costs $15.49, and the Premium plan is priced at $19.99.

With a Premium offering approaching $20 in 2023, it’s expected that Netflix’s new pricing structure will increase in a similar manner. The initial price hikes will affect the United States and Canada before extending to other geographical areas. It will take a few weeks to learn more because Netflix has not yet officially announced anything.

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